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Team white square realised that creativity was being limited to the design of outer wears owing to commercial dare, emphasis to provide comfortable and worthy hygienic disposable intimate wear's for ailing person always took a back seat, it even stretches to a point were privacy is compromised leaving the individual in agony and embarrassment. Currently over engineered product is used for any and every health condition pushing the wearer to adjust for the posed discomforts besides the inimical ailment. Along with other essentials on Operation table righty designed intimate wear is required to respect ones' modesty.

Team White Square realised this missing inventiveness and transcend to develop comfortable, hygienic discrete products. Currently base product designs are under Patent process.

The Research

Passion driven team explored for months and evaluated scores of technology options to develop the right fitting product, numerous individuals participated in the wearer trials and contributed in the evolution of the product before launch. The selection of correct shell material was another challenge as it was a great contributor in achieving the right fit and key decider for wearer's comfort. To maintain the intimate hygiene it was imperative to develop one time use product within affordable price and with right disposal method. The innovative White Square team strived and found a novel disposable method for its basic products and this method too is under Patent process.

The Design

As the product was crafted for one time use with non woven material which has its limitations on stretch absorbance and retention, To over come these shortcomings special design with body contours was made, even crafting method used was evolved to best use of these designs to maintain the body shapes and take care of wearers comfort.

Words of Fulfilment

Team White Square is extremely delighted & contended to offer a products which would provide users comforting experience and help them administer their condition effectively.

The Authors
Sanjiv Jasuja

Dr Sanjiv

Co Founder & Creative Director

Rajiv Jasuja


Co Founder, Product Designer & Operations Head