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Active Pull-Up for Men

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Prowee Active Pull-Up is a customized solution for all men who are struggling to deal with major uri


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Prowee has come up with a solution to not let your life derail because of urinary issues. The Active Pull-Up comes with a super absorbent Briefliner and is not a bulky pull-up. It has a Brief-Style design to accommodate all outfits which means you will feel like you’re wearing a regular brief. Adult pull-ups are bulky on the waist and hinder with the outerwear fittings. For an active human being usage of bulky pull-up is embarrassing. Incontinence is a condition induced due to stress, overactive bladder or benign prostate enlargement, or loss of control of the bladder. Bulky pull-up leads to embarrassment and limits activity. Urine leaks out at times when the bladder is under pressure; it may happen with a Cough, Sneeze, or Laugh. But with the Prowee Active Pull Up the worry of leakage is no more. The super absorbent Briefliner helps to manage the excessive flow with ease, maintaining confidence & relieving the individual from the feeling of wetness & unpleasant odour. It does not let the leak spoil or stain the outerwear as it has inbuilt special leak guards to hold up to 450 ml of liquid. Post-urinating also does not let the extra drop seep out on outerwear. This disposable brief can be worn as a normal brief and is a handy essential for traveling, vacations & hospital stays. Unlike a diaper or regular pull-up, Prowee Active Pull-Up is not unisex. It comes in 6 different sizes to accommodate each body type and give the comfort any regular brief gives. It is specially designed for men’s body shapes as the physiques of men and women differ. The shell of the brief is made out of Hydrophilic material for good absorption of sweat/ wetness, Body-hugging, Secure fit, Lightweight, and treated with Anti-Microbial & Anti-Fungal agents (Certified by an Accredited lab). This does not allow mold and fungi to survive in skin folds around intimate parts due to its absorbent material. The distinct and unique design of the disposable brief is registered with the Controller General of PATENTS DESIGNS & TRADEMARKS and the registration number is 336859-001

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