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Women - Diabetic Care - Disposable Panty

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Diabetic Women panties


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All body systems are affected by diabetes, including urological health. Prowee Diabetic care disposable innerwear is specially curated for hygienic health reasons. This disposable panty is microbe-protected innerwear that provides intimate wellness, hygiene, and protection. Prowee Diabetic innerwear proves to be an ideal product for diabetics, The innerwear is body fitted and is the replacement of any conventional underwear, it is not visibly evident underneath the clothes. Diabetics are likely to catch infections more frequently like urinary tract infections, tinea, candida, and bacterial infections... Prowee Innerwear has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that fight such infections and provide a diabetic with an experience without challenges. It does not allow mould, fungi & bacteria to grow in the damp skin folds. In case of persistent leeks, it would be prudent to shift to Prowee disposable Dribbler Innerwear with an extra layer of padding which copes with the spillage. Prowee Dribbler Innerwear with its super absorbent layers, breathable protection sheet, and leak guard makes the experience safe and pleasant for Diabetics. Impaired bladder contractility makes the bladder muscle not function properly, causing difficulty to empty the bladder. Diabetics also develop involuntary bladder contractions, or overactive bladder, which causes urinary urgency, increased frequency, and incontinence. Prowee Dribbler seals the incontinence. Sneezing, coughing, or exercising sometimes may lead to leaks, Other specially designed product ProweeTM Dribbler which has an extra layer of padding helps cope up with the spillage... Bladder leakage affects the quality of life; hence, Prowee Innerwear enhances the quality of life by saving a diabetic from embarrassment, making one feel confident and comfortable. Worrying about leaks, restricted movements, soiled clothing, and evident extra padding goes away with just one simple Prowee solution. The distinct and unique design of the disposable panty is registered with the Controller General of PATENTS DESIGNS & TRADEMARKS and the registration number is 336966-001.

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